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ATX Engagement: Dave + Lizz + Wrigley

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Everyone meet Wrigley, the most adorable maltipoo in Austin, TX.  I got to hang out with him at the Town Lake Boardwalk last Fall and we had a wonderful time.  His parents were also there celebrating an engagement, so we snapped a few shots of them too...

Ok, ok, ok, I was ACTUALLY there to photograph his parents, Dave and Lizz, and celebrate their engagement but I can't help it, look at that teddy bear face!  I had so much fun with this amazing couple and their fur-baby, especially since they're as obsessed with their dog as I am with mine!  We explored the boardwalk and the surrounding greenery for a variety of shots.  This is definitely one of my favorite spots in ATX.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you need to go!  It's got beautiful skyline views over the water, kayaking, and shifts between boardwalk and nature trails to keep you entertained as you walk, run, or bike!  Of course, all of this also makes for amazing photo opportunities in a true Austin style.  

Dave and Lizz were so wonderful to work with and absolutely adorable together!  Their love for each other is real and apparent, which made them so much fun to photograph.  Also, can we all agree they're gorgeous? Yes.  Yes we can.  So thankful I get to work with such amazing and laid-back couples (and their fur-children if I'm lucky).  Scroll down to see just a few of my favorites from this lighthearted engagement session:

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