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If you're having a wedding or event, chances are you're inviting other people right?  Which makes wedding invitations pretty high on the priority list when you're getting into planning.  If you're like me, maybe you've typed "Invitations" into google, seen the multitude of options and quickly closed the tab after getting overwhelmed.  As a bride, I was the worst planner ever.  I love talking about other brides details (and I especially love photographing them) but when it came to my own wedding, I had no clue what to do.  I had lot's of neat ideas but got easily discouraged when I couldn't make it happen.  But since that was my experience, I'm extremely sympathetic to any of my brides in the same boat and try to keep track of the best vendors to recommend if asked.  Today I want to highlight Basic Invite, an online invitation company that allows you to easily create your own custom invites (Something I wish I had for my day).  From colors to fonts to finishes to materials, every last detail is customizable allowing you to truly preview your wedding day to your potential guests.  And that's exactly what a wedding invitation is, a preview!  So it's important to get the details just right.  I love when brides are proud of their invitations and send me a sample to photograph.  You can never have too many memorable details from your big day.  Keep scrolling to check out some samples, styled by yours truly, from Basic Invite:

I love the raised gold lettering against the matte charcoal card, simple but bold!

Anyone else kind of obsessed with pearl paper?

I think this one might have been my favorite, gold and white will never go out of style.

As much as I love gold and glitter to look at; these cards probably fit my personal style the best.  Earthy and simple and I LOVE the font.

For this last invite I had to take advantage of the beautiful blooms popping up here in TX.  Because who said you always have to style invites indoors with flat-lays?

Lastly I just wanted to give you a quick peek at the guide you'll receive when you order your samples, to help you really see all of the options you have with Basic Invite.  Even if you're a better planner than I was, this site makes it easy and fun to create exactly what you want.  So visit today to get started!

Thank you for dropping by the blog!  Feel free to share this with a bride who needs help getting her invitations just right :)



All Photos by EffJay Photography

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