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I'm Cassie, the photographer behind EffJay Photography, and in case you'd like know:

I love my job, all dogs ever, and cheesecake for breakfast + I'm a bit of a nerd.

I started this portrait taking journey in 2011 in Las Vegas, NV and have since moved to Phoenix, Austin, and  in 2018 landed in Kansas City.  All of this moving has allowed me to meet and retain clients from all over the country (Yay travel!) and appreciate many different landscapes.

As you start to browse around my work, you may notice a common theme: Nature.  Being raised in the Southwest and surrounded by desert, I had always been enamored by trees, fields, flowers, rivers, and creeks (since they were such a rarity).  So as we moved further East and out of the desert, my little greenery loving heart exploded and it's still exploding today.  I love incorporating nature into my portraits and finding it's unique beauty to accentuate the unique beauty of my clients.  

But as much as I love trees and things, my real love for what I do is found in the amazing people I photograph.  From the moment you hire me, I'm fully invested in you, your story, and capturing whatever pieces of it I can.  Pictures are more than pretty pieces of art to put in a book, hang in our home, or post online.  They're tools to help us preserve memories, emotions, and can even show us the magic in things we might miss day to day.  From adoring looks between lovers, little tiny baby hand holds, or belly laughter between siblings, I believe it all should be frozen in time to be cherished for years to come and I'm passionate about preserving YOUR story.

So if I sound like a good fit for you and you'd like become one of my cherished friends/clients, then contact me today so we can go get coffee and talk about how to best capture your story!

Want to see what I've been up to most recently? Check out EffJay Photography on Instagram!